About bbd

Welcome to my very old and neglected one-page website ― soon to be erased and replaced with pictures of... bottletops.

I’m Bill Unsworth, an ex freelance designer and developer based in Reading, UK. I used to produce bespoke websites, presentations and print materials for Corporate and SME businesses. I ended freelance work in August 2018 and now work full time for BTG.


I'm not available for any freelance work.

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iprism Corporate website

iprism Corporate Website

iprism provide insurance brokers with market-leading SME business insurance. This is the third incarnation of their corporate website since launch in 2007.

Working closely with senior management, the website was redesigned in 2017 with more information and a modern, bold, dark, photo-dominated look. It still promotes the company's unique offering, and their cutting-edge technology.

Monica Boxley website

Monica Boxley

Monica Boxley designs and makes exquisite vintage-inspired silver jewellery and leather accessories. Monica wanted a new website that highlighted her core product ranges and reflected her passion for quirky 1950s and 60s design.

Originally conceived and coded for eCommerce, the functionality was cut back at the last minute to ease concerns over stock management.

Day-Night-Day Animation

Marlin needed a short animation to reinforce the end of one day and the start of the next during a trading simulation exercise.

The animation had to look good, incorporate electricity pylons, be flexible in its display size and be reasonably priced: the perfect job for Flash!

iprism Broker Portal website

iprism Broker Portal

The iprism portal provides brokers with possibly the UK’s best SME business insurance: a comprehensive range of products and a wide insurer panel giving comparative quotes with – uniquely – identical policy wordings. This saves brokers time and money, while providing their clients with the best value possible.

I’ve worked on iprism’s web design, HTML and print materials since the company’s inception in 2006. This Broker Portal site was redesigned in 2011.

Harwich Town Brewing Co. website

Harwich Town Brewing Co.

Harwich Town Brewing Company use the world’s finest malting barley to produce beers which combine both traditional and modern brewing styles.

They wanted a modern but quirky, non-corporate feel to their site. This was a straightforward modernisation job using existing content but with a few additions and new images. The site’s most exciting feature is its News page – with content delivered fresh from the company’s Facebook page.

Marlin Software & Training website

Marlin Software & Training Ltd.

Marlin provide energy trading training to traders, governments and industry using their unique trading simulation software.

They needed a website redesign that reflected their industry and promoted their cutting edge offering. The site’s multi-language format required code that allowed easy updating and addition of new languages.

Sew You Designs website

Sew You Designs

Sew You Designs provide superior special occasion outfits for all age groups, at remarkably reasonable prices. They are continually evolving their product range, and needed a flexible design that easily allows additional product ranges.

This product-based site relies heavily on photography, and required plenty of Photoshop work to give the images a consistent colour palette.

The Majestic website

The Majestic

The Majestic have been delighting gig and festival goers with roots rock reggae since the 1980s.

I designed a site that bass player Tony can easily maintain himself (despite no experience of HTML), and as a reward he now occasionally lets me beat him at table tennis.

Church Street Baguettes

Church Street Baguettes

Church Street Baguettes make excellent breakfasts, sandwiches, baguettes and outside catering buffets. They have two shops – one in Caversham and another in Henley.

This is the first time Church Street Baguettes have had a web presence. They wanted to focus on expanding the outside catering side of their business, so I built them the world’s most user-friendly catering and baguette order form.

Why Me?

  • Value For Money

With no overheads or sales team you only pay for my time and talent. Design agency quality at a fraction of the cost.

  • Any Time, Any Day

If your timescales are tight I’ll work long hours and weekends to meet them. I never miss deadlines.

  • Creativity & OCD

I’m a highly creative, qualified and experienced designer with an obsessive attention to detail – from every pixel to every word in your project.